We are actively decoding the gut-brain axis (GBA) as a therapeutic target for various gastrointestinal disorders. The GBA is a bidirectional communication network between the central nervous system (CNS) and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and is key to maintaining good health. A disturbance of this status is often referred to as gut dysbiosis. Neurotransmitter cells in the gut also play an essential role in relaying messages from the brain to the gut (afferent signals) and the gut to the brain (efferent signals) and play an essential role in mediating the immune response to gut dysbiosis or other sources of inflammation (neuroinflammation). In chronic inflammatory diseases, this causes a “runaway immune response,” leading to a chronic inflammatory state.

Harnessing the GBA to identify key immune and signaling players (pathways and targets) that cause neuroinflammation will ultimately lead to a better understanding of gut dysbiosis, how homeostasis can be restored, and the treatment of certain GI and CNS disorders.

AlphaMeld® is powering a comprehensive association analysis of the GBA and inflammasome by leveraging millions of data points to generate hypotheses across the pathophysiological processes of inflammatory gut diseases from induction, remission, mucosal healing, and fibrosis. AlphaMeld has generated multiple hypotheses with demonstrated safety. All programs discovered and validated by InveniAI will be further developed by Invea Therapeutics, the clinical development subsidiary of InveniAI LLC.

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Consumer Healthcare Partnerships

We are witnessing a paradigm shift as technology empowers consumers who are involved, engaged, and taking control of their health by seeking products and services that create meaningful value for their day-to-day experiences. This presents a critical need to develop insights from numerous data sources that allow our collaborators to stay ahead of the curve by identifying consumer-specific innovation and converting the earliest signals of discovery into innovative products for their consumers.

Glaxo Smith Kline

We are partners with GSK and are proud to be executing a three-year collaboration with one of the largest consumer healthcare companies in the world. The collaboration leverages AlphaMeld technology to capture consumer-specific innovation for both internal and external R&D.