Vaccines have played a hugely important role in combating infectious diseases and are often touted as the most effective medical intervention to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by infectious diseases.

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There is still a growing unmet need for effective vaccines for many persistent serious infectious diseases seen around the world. Vaccine development is often hindered by a lack of understanding of the immune responses required specifically for protection, or by insufficient adjuvants and delivery systems to induce the required responses. Given the common blueprint of a host immune response, of which there are many, to a pathogen, there is a vast amount of knowledge being generated across hosts, species, and pathogens, where AI- and ML-derived insights can help draw parallels for creating better efficacious vaccines and finding the best antivirulence factors or adjuvants.


VaxMeldTM derives associations and insights between pathogens and a host response to identify novel antigenic targets and create immunological fingerprinting for generating efficacious vaccines.

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