PharmGPS® GO is a new way of thinking for the biopharma Industry! A dynamic, easy to access mobile and tablet app, catering to today’s resource and time constrained biopharmaceutical executive.


Track, analyze, and augment your portfolio performance no matter where you are! At a conference and wished you had data at hand? In a meeting and need to know the number of assets in your competitive pipeline? Or, just for those moments of inspiration, PharmGPS® GO has all this information and more just a few clicks away!


You can access real-time and actionable insights on drugs and companies that develop and market them across all major therapeutic areas ranging from the relative performance of any drug to the standard of care to the relevance of the drug-target in a diagrammatical representation of the disease pathway


Access Data in Context and Real-Time

You will find relevant data for any drug or company of your choice together with competitor insights. While presenting to your internal stakeholders or while making those crucial business decisions, the app’s real-time capabilities could be the difference in helping you make those decisions in the nick of time.


One Click Decision-Making

Visualize your key decision making parameters in a few clicks or swipes and start monetizing your decisions from innovation to commercialization


Interactive UI and Experience

No more opening multiple spreadsheets, the analysis is done for you, just action your decision. A streamlined and unique user experience. with a simple/straightforward/user friendly? interface for information consumption, strategizing and decision-making.


Portability & Availability

Use the device to view content while in transit; receive updates and notifications on critical molecules instantly


System Independence

The app’s enterprise functionality is easier to use than a desktop equivalent improving process
efficiency and reduced costs

  • Monitor and Visualize

    Determine molecule baselines and outliers in real time by access in terabytes of data streams.

  • Accelerate/Fast-Track Your Business Goals

    Be up and running on our user friendly mobile app in less than 24 hours

  • Powerful Analytics, Actionable Insights

    Go beyond database lists and pivot tables to get deeper insights.

  • Your One Stop Source of Truth

    Visualize a 360 degree view of your opportunity by leveraging multiple data sources and analyses

  • Stay Up to Date, Stay Ahead, with Powerful Analytics in the Palm of your Hand