EvolverAI Value


Identify the right target and drug for the disease


Identify the best disease indication for your proprietary drug to maximize value and utility


Find the best therapeutic area and disease indications for your proprietary technology platforms and generate maximum value

EvolverAI Process

Big Data to Therapeutic Leads

  • data scientist
  • Expert user
Disease Review
Pathophysiology and symptomatology review
Defining need for transformative care
Human Physiome Ontology
Defining key intervention points for transformative care
  • data scientist
  • Expert user
Linking Molecular Pathways to Disease Pathophysiology
Review of all scientific and clinical literature
Review of all related ‘omic databases such as genomic, proteomic and genetic
Unravel connections between molecular pathways and pathophysiology
  • data scientist
  • Expert user
Target Validation
Defining key molecular targets and their roles in molecular pathophysiology
Evaluation of these targets for “druggability”
Prioritizing molecular targets based on target liability and desired outcome
  • data scientist
  • Expert user
Product Concept Development
Defining Mechanism of Action on Desired Target
Searching “Drug Libraries” for suitable leads
Creating testable hypothesis based on validated preclinical modelsbased on intervention on target
  • data scientist
  • Expert user
KOL validation of Hypothesis
KOL interviews to validate product concept
Prioritizing Product Concepts based on impact on transformative care needed
Preclinical validation of hypothesis
  • data scientist
  • Expert user
From Validated Hypothesis to Human Proof of Concept (PoC)
Design clinical Proof of Concept study based on connection between preclinical validation and clinical endpoints
Shore up Intellectual Property position
Conduct Human PoC study
Enter clinical drug development based on successful Human PoC

EvolverAI Track Record

Pipeline progression to human proof of concept

Immunooncology program (licensed to BioXcel Therapeutics)
  • BXCL701, Oral Immunomodulator
    Solid tumors (Gastric, Head & Neck, TNBC, NSCLC)
    Initiate PD-1 Inhibitor synergy human proof-of-concept in Q2 2017
  • BXCL702, IV Immunomodulator
    Hematological Malignancies (AML, DLBC)
    Initiate PD-1 Inhibitor synergy human proof-of-concept in Q2 2017
  • BXCL101, Targets Proteasome Degradation
    Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) (developed by BioXcel Corporation)
    Granted ODD status by the U.S. FDA Proof-of-concept established in one patient
  • BXCL501, (licensed to BioXcel Therapeutics) Targets Hyperarousal Mechanism Acute Agitation
    Sublingual formulation Human proof of activity in 2017
  • Late stage 11 clinical programs from a large pharma Drug Re-Innovation
    Yielding multiple human proof of concept candidates
    BXCL901: Targets erythropoietic mechanisms Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA)
    Initiate human proof of concept by H1 2017
    BXCL902: Targets respiratory irregularities Rett Syndrome
    Initiate human proof of concept by H1 2017
  • Centrexion : Development of Chronic Pain Therapies using real time Big Data Platform