Why InveniAI?

Augmenting Human Expertise with Artificial Intelligence

InveniAI® utilizes all of the advances in Big Data technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable us to define questions accurately so as to seek and find the right answers
InveniAI® is about augmenting human expertise and experience with artificial intelligence. The methodology used by InveniAI® is enhanced continuously to help humans take giant intuitive leaps in the discovery process.

Getting Human Again

InveniAI® is about allowing the human imagination to soar. It realizes the true potential of one’s capabilities by helping define the correct question via integration of machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence with the 3 Cs: Curation, Conversations, leading to Clairvoyance!
3 Steps:
  • Curate proprietary big datasets
  • Apply artificial Intelligence and machine learning to them
  • Present analyses in appropriate context to generate breakthroughs

Innovation without Boundaries

6th,7th,8th,9th sense.................InveniAI® is about limitless possibilities. InveniAI® can access and analyze all published literature sources such as PubMed in a matter of minutes for a specific question such as:
  • Are the best candidates in your portfolio?
  • What are the best drugs to solve unmet needs?
  • Analysis of real competition and “me-toos”
  • Analysis of portfolio investment for your TA.
  • Analysis of precedent success for your drug.

No Guesswork, No Bias

InveniAI’s® real genius lies in enabling human intuition based experience and expertise in giving life to breakthroughs from analysing petabytes of unstructured big data and presenting it in a manner that facilitates human intuition.
InveniAI® helps unravel complex, disparate and voluminous data sources such as quantitative data from genomics, proteomics; text-based data such as scientific literature; electronic medical records (EMR); clinical data. It enables posing key questions that have never been possible before, such as:
  • Cause versus effect. What is the nature of the underlying relationship between variables?
  • Challenging different stratagems. – Instead of guessing which might work
The frameworks used by InveniAI’s® platforms have allowed us to address important issues in Healthcare and Drug Discovery & Development:
  • Which drugs can be developed to provide solutions in under-served diseases?
  • In which disease to apply appropriate technology?
  • Which drugs and companies were significantly affected by recent regulatory developments?
  • How does clinical performance affect performance in the market and how does this affect company valuations?

The different approaches used by InveniAI® to disrupt the status quo and solve complex problems in Healthcare, Drug Discovery & Development applications are exemplified in its EvolverAI and PharmGPS® platforms.

EvolverAI is InveniAI's® augmented intelligence platform that combines human intuition based on experience and expertise with the comprehensiveness and scale of artificial intelligence. EvolverAI combines Big Data technology with machine learning to present to human experts massive and complex data sets in a manner that allow us humans to decipher patterns and enables the generation of hypotheses. EvolverAI combines the tenets of deductive, inductive and abductive research in this journey of discovery. Read more

PharmGPS® is InveniAI's Big Data platform applied to understanding how drugs work and which of them are useful in satisfying unmet medical needs. PharmGPS® has collated and crystallized the cumulative wisdom of pharmaceutical and drug development research to identify the drugs that are most likely to succeed in the regulatory process and satisfy patients’ needs. It utilizes machine learning and big data approaches to predict future potential of drugs that are still in early stages of clinical development. Read more

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